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How to get pregnant

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Tips for getting pregnant

Getting pregnant isn’t always as easy as it sounds, which is why we’re here to help. We all know the nuts and bolts of how to conceive thanks to the ‘where did I come from’ books, but there’s actually a lot more to becoming pregnant than many people first realise.

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Pre-pregnancy check up

First things first: if you want to become pregnant, make an appointment with your doctor. They’ll check all the normal pre-conception things such as your age, genetics and lifestyle, plus your medical and gynaecological history.

Healthy lifestyle choices

Healthy habits can also improve your chances of conception - things like moderate daily exercise and eating a healthy, well balanced diet ... ask our Careline dietitians for any advice you need. Taking a pre-conception and pregnancy multivitamin that includes folic acid while you’re trying to conceive and during pregnancy is also a good idea - ask your doctor about what supplement will suit you best. Things like smoking, stress and some medicines can significantly reduce your chances of conceiving, so make sure your partner’s onboard with everything too ... it’s also about making sure his sperm are healthy enough to swim!

When can I get pregnant?

To work out the best time to have sex and increase your chances of falling pregnant, try keeping tabs on yourovulation cycle. This will tell you when you’re most fertile, which is usually about two weeks before your period. The average cycle is 28 days, so ovulation is around day 14, but of course everyone’s different...

Enjoy the practice!

Most importantly, when you’re trying to get pregnant, stay relaxed and enjoy the practice! There’s no rushing Mother Nature, so keep things fun and enjoy the extra sexy time - you won’t pile any extra pressure on each other that way.

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