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Introducing solids

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Introducing solids - is my baby ready?

How will you know when your baby is ready to start solids? That’s where Karimums comes in! We’re here to help you with introducing solids to baby, from the common signs, to what foods to feed them at what age, and most importantly - to keep trying!

How to get baby started on solids

Complementary feeding is when we introduce solids alongside continued breast feeding or infant formula to help give your baby the best nutrition whilst they also learn new feeding skills. This helps to build little steps towards your baby eventually eating the same meals as the rest of the family.

How do I know when my baby is ready?

Most babies are ready to start eating solids from around 6 months of age, but every baby is different. Any earlier than 4 months isn’t advisable, as early introduction may result in things such as:

  • Inadequate intake of nutrients and energy for growth
  • Overfeeding and digestion problems, and a reduced breast milk supply for mum
  • Babies’ digestive and immune systems aren’t fully developed before 4 months

All bubs need to be weaned onto solid foods eventually, so how do you know when yours has reached the right age and stage for this feeding change? Watch this video to find out.

Feeding cues

Feeding cues are signs that your bub is ready to try solids for the first time. These are the signs you should be looking for…

  • Your baby will be able to hold their head up by themselves
  • You will notice them move their hands to their mouth and chew on them
  • They appear interested in what others around them are eating - they’ll watch you keenly and might even burst into tears when your food doesn’t come their way!

First food choices

At Karimums, some of our mums’ first foods choices include iron fortified rice cereals, vegetables and fruit, all in a puree or mash. Rice cereal is a nutritious and convenient food to start baby on. Try adding pureed pear or apple with a little bit of the cereal to keep their tummies regular and to add a little variety.

Practise makes perfect

Introducing solids isn’t always an easy task, so here are a few tips to get you started!

  • Always begin by introducing one new food at a time, ideally mid-morning so that if your baby reacts, it’s during the day and not at night
  • The texture should be smooth and small in amount at first, and all going well, this amount can be increased over the next few days
  • If your baby doesn’t like a certain food straight away, keep trying! It can take up to 10 times before they’ll actually accept a food – and then hopefully, begin to love it
  • Introduce new flavours gradually and give your baby time to get used to them
  • Slow and steady: try offering simple foods at the start and allow time for your baby to develop a taste for different foods at their own pace (too many flavours too quickly may put them off)

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