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A baby schedule for day and night!

Starting a routine for baby is one thing, but keeping it – that’s a whole other challenge! If your baby’s routine (and your sleep routine) went out the window as soon as you got home from hospital, you’re not alone. We’re here to help give you some simple tips and ideas on how to develop a routine that makes your baby happy, including newborn routines too.

With thousands of mums here to help you, as well as our Careline, we’ll hopefully have you in routine in no time! For the mums out there, what’s the secret to your baby routine?

Newborn baby routine

When you first get baby home, it’ll seem like they make all the rules about when they’d like to eat and sleep! And that’s one of the keys to setting your newborn routine – learning to understand your baby. You’ve got to teach them the difference between night and day, so getting a daily structure in place for feeding and sleeping will help as you both get to know one another. Setting your routine early should make things much easier down the track too.

Sleep routine

Your baby will need to take lots of little naps throughout the day, so make the most of these moments to rest. After a week or two, you’ll learn to recognise the signs of tiredness, which will help you settle them down at just the right time. Start a bedtime routine at night too, like a bath and then a story, to help your baby recognise it’s time for nigh-nighs. Have you got any tips for starting a sleep routine?

Feeding routine

Breastfeeding your baby is definitely a learning game. There are ways to encourage a feeding routine for baby that will suit both of you. In the first month, 6-8 feeds in 24 hours can be considered normal. Some babies only require one breast per feed, whereas others need time on both. Most importantly, if your baby requires milk from both breasts – drain the first breast before offering the second – and remember to start on the breast you offered last the next time you feed your baby. Feeds shouldn’t take longer than 1 hour of nutritive sucking. You’ll start to recognise a pattern that’ll help you understand your baby’s needs too.

Growth spurts

Babies experience regular growth spurts throughout the first year. These are usually displayed as baby feeding 1-2 hourly over a 1-2 day period. They’re building up your milk supply to satisfy their increased need, so if you’ve only been offering one breast, now’s the time for two! If you’re still feeding from one breast, just remember to alternate your breasts from feed to feed.

And down the track, breastfeeding does get quicker. By three months, what used to take up to an hour can be done in half the time ... and by six months, some babies can drain the breast in three minutes flat!

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