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Toddler food

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A time for new tastes and textures

Your toddler’s first experience with solid foods is an exciting time. There are so many new tastes and textures to try and explore. It’s totally natural for little ones to progress at their own pace when it comes to first foods.

When they get to the energetic toddler stage, it’s a good time to encourage chewing by offering soft, lumpy or mashed foods. When they get to about 8-12 months, you might find it’s the right to time give them more whole pieces of fruit in their hands – such as slices of banana.

Moving from milk to solids is such an exciting time for bub, and there are so many options for mum and dad. Watch this video to find out more.

Healthy food for toddlers

When it comes to a healthy, balanced diet for your toddler, variety is everything. They need a range of different foods in their diet: red meat, poultry, fish, various fruit and vegetables, milk and milk products, breads, cereals, rice, pasta and potatoes ... the list is endless! Put simply, different toddler foods equal different nutrients, even in the same food group, so the more variety the merrier – especially in the first year, when your toddler’s food preferences are being formed.

Any foods to avoid? Offer water instead of sweet drinks. It’s also important not to add any extra salt or sugar to meals.

Healthy snacks for toddlers

Is your toddler enjoying finger foods? Chopping up some fresh fruit or vegetables into sticks, chunks or funny shapes is a great way to keep your little one entertained at home or on the go. Kids’ fruity bars, sultanas, plain biscuits and cheese sticks are also popular with our mums. Giving them food to hold and eat by themselves will help your toddler with their hand-eye co-ordination too. What’s your toddler’s favourite snack?

Share your toddler recipes and meals

Here at Karimums, we love to cook for our little ones – and we especially love toddler meals that taste good to mum and the whole family, too! What’s your favourite toddler recipe to cook? Remember to share yours!

If you’re looking for inspiration on tasty food for your toddler, look no further. We have dietitians and nutritionists here at Karimums to help you with any questions you might have, from toddler recipes and meals, to healthy snacks for toddlers - and more!

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