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Pregnancy diet

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Why is it so important to eat a healthy, well balanced diet during pregnancy? Well, that’s because your little one gets all of the nutrients they need from you! Eating a nutritionally balanced pregnancy diet, even prior to conception, will help to ensure your baby stays happy, healthy and strong as they continue to grow in your tummy...

Tips for your pregnancy diet

  • Food groups: Choose a variety of foods from each of the different food groups to make sure you're getting a good balance for baby and you.
  • Meals: Try to have three regular meals per day, plus 2-3 light snacks.
  • Water: You need lots of it during pregnancy – at least 6-8 glasses a day.
  • Liquids: To help with hydration, drink low-fat milk, fresh fruit juices and healthy soups.
  • Fibre: During pregnancy, you need about 30g a day, so include generous helpings of fruits and vegetables, wholegrain cereals and legumes.
  • Folic acid: If you’re not already, your doctor may recommend you take folate supplements for at least the first 12 weeks after conception and beyond.
  • Iron: Make sure you’re eating well-cooked red meat, poultry and fish to up your iron intake – or for vegetarians; legumes, vegies and grains can be a good source of iron too!
  • Calcium: Pasteurised milk and dairy products like yoghurt and hard cheeses are all great sources of calcium.
  • Supplements: If you’re worried you’re not getting enough of the nutrients your baby needs, for example, iodine which can be hard to get enough of, ask your doctor about pregnancy supplements.
  • Healthy oils: Use vegetable oils such as canola, olive and sunflower oil in your cooking or on salads.

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