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Preparing for baby checklist

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List of things for when baby arrives

When you’re preparing to welcome your little person into the world, there are lots of things to remember – as if all that waiting wasn’t bad enough already! That’s why we’ve put together this preparing for baby checklist. It’s a handy way of remembering everything you’ll need in the lead up to the birth, both for your baby and for you too.

Baby needs...

1. Hand-me-downs

Ask family and friends for these first if you can! That way, you’ll only have to buy what you really need and save a few pennies too. Big items like cots or baby carriers are great ones to get...

2. Car seat or capsule

This is a must when your bub is born in hospital. You’ll need a rearwards facing car seat or child restraint that complies with either Australian or New Zealand standards and is properly fitted.

3. Cot or bassinet

If you can’t spare the expense of a cot just yet, don’t worry – a bassinet or portable cot from a pram will do nicely for the first few weeks and is perfect for moving baby around with you.

4. Change table

You’ve got the bassinet sorted, now you need a change table to pop your little one on! Have a practice run before bub arrives so you can make sure all of your wraps, wipes and nappies are within reach.

5. Bedding

Proper bedding that fits your bassinet (or cot) and tucks right in is really important for getting bub off to sleep soundly. 

6. Baby clothes

Stick to the essentials: Onesies, vests, socks, cardigans, hats, ribs and large muslin swaddles (the organic cotton wraps with a little stretch are great for bedtime too).

7. Pram

If you’re going to be up and about straight away, a pram can be a godsend! It’ll give you the freedom to wander down to the shops without having to load baby into the car.

8. Baby carrier or Baby sling

Probably not an essential for the first few weeks, but definitely one to get organised. Like a pram, it’ll make things super easy for you when getting out and about with baby.

9. Baby bath

You can buy a baby bath, but a washing up bowl or a squeaky-clean laundry sink works just as well if you don’t get around to it straight away!

10. Monitor and nightlight

A baby monitor is a personal choice depending on things like the size of your house and rooms, however a nightlight is a must for those late night feeds – it’ll help both baby and you get back to sleep quickly.

Mum needs...

1. Practice your pelvic floor

The sooner you start practicing your pelvic floor exercises, the better! Make sure you read our pelvic floor guide to help you along.

2. Tune into your baby

Start bonding with your little one straight away – take the time to feel his (or her) movements and hiccups, give your belly a rub, even try talking and singing to your tum!

3. Medical checks

Make sure you get things like your whooping cough injection, blood tests and Strep B swab – talk to your doctor about all of the things you’ll need. You’ll be seeing them weekly in those final few weeks!

4. Pack your hospital bag

We have a whole checklist dedicated to what you need to pack for you, dad and baby too! Read our hospital bag checklist and you’ll feel more organised than ever.

5. Sort out work and finances

You’ll need to lock in your maternity leave dates or parental leave pay claims. If you need to return to work quickly, it’s a good idea to look into childcare now too.

6. Learn about labour and birth

Ask or read about birth positions and pain options so that you're prepared for the big day. This is where birth classes and trips to your healthcare professional will help.

7. Organise a girly get together or baby shower

It’s baby shower time! Or is it a baby warming? Whatever you’d like to call it, get your favourite ladies together for a nice lunch or afternoon tea before your little bundle arrives.

8. Book in a ‘babymoon’

Especially if it’s your first, but either way, for a rest before baby arrives! It’ll give you baby bonding time with your partner and a chance to enjoy each other’s company before all the excitement.

9. Spoil yourself with something nice

You deserve it mum! Book any appointments you’ve been meaning to make, or a divine facial mist for the final weeks at work will go down a treat too...

10. Get lots and lots of rest!

Make sure you’re relaxed, practicing your breathing and that you’re as ready as you can be

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