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About Karimums – Baby Forum and Pregnancy Help for Mums

Welcome to Karimums! We're the online community for mums and mums-to-be, where you'll find real mums, real expertise and real support all in one place.

Karimums is a friendly and fun place to connect, share and celebrate the joys of parenthood. The site covers the complete parenting journey from pre-conception right through to pregnancy, birth and beyond.

More than just a mum's forum, Karimums offers the community unique access to real expertise and real support from a Careline team, including midwives and dietitians, for one-on-one advice. Karimums features both interesting articles from the Careline as well as stories, advice and fun photos from thousands of real mums just like you (and dads, and carers too!) If you’re ever worried about the health of you or your little one, please remember to always check with your healthcare professional and don’t just rely on the information on this site.

At Karimums, there's no question too big or small... so start connecting, become part of the family and register now to join the conversation!

Our family

Karimums is brought to you by Nutricia. Nutricia are dedicated experts in early life nutrition. Mums and dads have trusted their product range for generations - over 100 years in fact! Nutricia wanted to offer their loyal parents, soon-to-be parents and carers a place to share their parenting experience. That's why the Karimums community is here today! It's a big part of what Nutricia like to call their 'Complete Care' promise - to nourish, support and connect.

They nourish with their range of products, they support you with a dedicated Careline team offering free one-on-one advice, and connect you with a community of real mums online - right here at Karimums!
It's 'Complete Care' for baby and mum, every step of the way.

Our heritage: Over 100 years caring for babies and toddlers

Our Karistory is more than 100 years long. You see, the 'Kari' name you know today has been helping mums to nourish their little ones since 1907. Our hardworking founder, Sir Truby King, was one of the very first doctors to lead the way in infant formula nutrition.

When he founded Karitane in New Zealand in 1907, Sir Truby was a well-respected doctor concerned with the high infant mortality rate of the time. His motto was "Breast Fed is Best Fed", but this was a time when there was no formula to help mums who couldn't breastfeed. Dr. King was convinced that at least half the infant deaths were preventable, so he began opening clinics and experimenting with milk formula to extraordinary success...

1907: Dr. King founded the Royal Society for the Health of Women and Children in Dunedin at a time when he and his wife provided care for thirteen malnourished little babies at their own house in Karitane.

1918: The Mothercract Training Society was founded by Dr. King, who was invited to go to London by Lord and Lady Plunket. A hospital and School for Nurses was soon established under his supervision, and the Plunket philosophy and training of registered nurses began.

1923: The Australian Mothercraft Society was established in Sydney by a number of parents and friends whose babies had benefited from the work of Dr. King's Societies in New Zealand and England.

1927: Under Dr. King's guidance, the Karitane Products Society developed a range of milks.

1986: The range was licensed to Douglas Pharmaceuticals for distribution in New Zealand, Australia and Asia.

1996: Nutricia purchased the products from Douglas Pharmaceuticals.

2007: Nutricia becomes part of the Danone Group.

2012: Karimums is launched.

Breast fed is best fed

Breastfeeding is best for babies as it provides many benefits. It's important that, in preparation for and during breastfeeding, you eat a healthy, balanced diet. It's also recommended that all formula milks be used on the advice of a healthcare professional and based on your baby's individual needs.

Karimums was launched as part of Nutricia's support of breastfeeding mums. The site provides parents and carers with a place to connect and share personally on a wide range of topics, from pregnancy to breastfeeding, nutrition, recipes, sleep, teething and more. There's no question too big or small!

Our extended family: Danone

Nutricia is part of the Danone Group. Being part of this family means Nutricia shares the Danone commitment to protecting our environment and our community. You can read more about these sustainability initiatives at:

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