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Baby Help from Karimums Careline | Mums, Dietitians and Midwives

I have been with Nutricia for more than 10 years in a customer care role. During this time, I have helped many callers with questions and issues around being a parent, and in some cases, being a grandparent. As a mum of two, I understand that every day brings a new challenge to the exciting role we take on when becoming a new mum or dad.

Coral, Mum

My top tips:

  1. Always have a routine. If you can get this established sooner rather than later, you will find it works wonders for both you and baby.
  2. If you are offered help, take it. It doesn't mean you can't cope – it just allows a wee window of "you" time.
  3. Whatever is happening today or this week, you can be sure it will always be different the following day or week.

About me

I can still remember the excitement of finding out I was pregnant like it was yesterday. I kept well through both my pregnancies and luckily never experienced morning sickness. Both deliveries were normal, no problems. My first baby was too cosy where he was and arrived fourteen days late, while my wee girl arrived on the exact date we expected her to. Even with all the support I had from my incredible husband and parents, there were days where I really felt out of my depth. Very scary sometimes, I think I worried about everything – but half of those what-if's never happened! Being a mum has been the best and proudest thing I could have ever become, through all the stages and ages, just an awesome time. Now my successful adult children (24 and 27) are out in the world making their own way. But no matter what their age, you never stop being their mum.

As a nurse and midwife, I understand that starting a family can be full of questions and "what if’s?” - even before baby is born. I’ve been helping women with advice on conception, pregnancy, breast feeding, settling and baby behaviour for many years now. And while I don’t have children of my own yet, I cannot wait to travel the amazing journey myself!

Amanda, Nurse and Midwife

My Top Tips:

  1. During pregnancy, take comfort in your baby’s movements and enjoy them (try not to over-analyse them).
  2. ‘Play’ is very important for babies, even from day one - so start talking, cuddling and showing them affection as early as you can.
  3. If it works for you and your baby, stick to it!

About Me

Working in a special care nursery is where I fell in love with the thought of becoming a midwife. I wanted to be a support for new mums and their families ... so I did! I finished my qualification and worked as a caseload midwife, which meant I was on-call for women at all hours, whenever they needed reassurance or advice. It allowed me to share their journeys on a much more personal level.


As a nutritionist, it’s great to put my training to good use and assist mums with making the right choices for their babies and themselves. Sometimes Mums just need reassurance that they’re doing the right thing.

Caroline, Nutritionist and Mum

My top tips:

  1. Leave the housework for another day, what you need most is to look after yourself and your baby (easier said than done, but vitally important)
  2. Don’t forget to enjoy your little one; it is easy to get caught up in the mechanics of feeding, sleeping and changing nappies!
  3. Accept offers of help on your terms.

About me

I remember having my first baby and feeling utterly overwhelmed. I was getting a lot of conflicting information from different sources. In the end, I had to make a choice and choose what was right for me and my baby. There is no one way to raise a baby. Do what you feel is best!


I am the proud mother of 2 girls; Danielle and Dominique. I’ve managed to successfully raise them to adulthood as they are now 22 and 20 years old.


The right nutrition in early childhood is an important foundation for health and wellbeing later in life.

Christine, Dietitian and Nutritionist

My top tips:

  1. Involve your toddler in food preparation! This is a great way to teach them about food and nurture good eating habits.
  2. Serve small amounts of food and offer more if your toddler is still hungry after eating the serving.
  3. Persistence is key! Try different ways of preparing food if your toddler has previously refused that food.

About me

Hi there, my name is Christine and I am a Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist. I believe that good nutrition is important in all stages of life, especially in infancy. I love to cook and have picked up culinary tastes and flavours from the different countries and cities where I have lived, worked and travelled. My goal is to help translate complex nutrition jargon into simple, practical food information, and empower mums with the daily nutrition challenges they face - from fussy eaters to babies with allergies and intolerances.


I’m passionate about supporting women to breast feed, which is why I became a lactation consultant. I’m also a registered nurse and midwife, having worked in maternal child health, immunisation and paediatric asthma in both hospital and community settings for over 30 years. As a mum of four, I believe that families need all the support that they can get on this very special yet challenging journey.

Deb, Midwife and Mum

My Top Tips:

  1. Use your ‘Mothers Instinct’ - have faith in your gut feelings, nobody knows your baby as well as you and mum usually knows best.
  2. Books are great guidelines, but just remember - your baby hasn’t read them and there is a ‘free spirit’ in every family!
  3. Parenting is a journey that never ends because parents have just as much to learn as kids do.

About Me

I always wanted to be a nurse, all my dolls bore scars and bandages! I originally trained in the UK to be a health visitor and midwife before coming to Australia to work. I love being part of each family’s journey, from conception and pregnancy to delivery, birthing and raising their little people. I’m married with four grown-up children (I had four under the age of seven years, chaos but fun!) and motherhood has definitely taught me to do what you FEEL is right.


As a fellow mum, I can wholeheartedly relate to the concerns and daily experiences of other mums, offering comfort and support. As a dietitian, I can also provide up-to-date information when it comes to making the best decisions about caring for your little one. Many first-time mums lack confidence, but a 'mother's instinct' is often right. It's a wonderful thing being able to reassure mums that they are doing the right things for their babies!

Kristin, Dietitian and Mum

My top tips:

  1. If your baby is growing and settling some of the time, you are already doing really well.
  2. If you are feeling snowed under, ask for help. There will be others feeling the same way. Remember — 'a problem shared is a problem halved'.
  3. Build your confidence in small steps and take time for relaxation when you can.

About me

Being pregnant was exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. Neither my pregnancy or birth went to plan, but my baby was perfect and luckily took to breastfeeding well (once I was taught by the practical midwife!). I remember thinking that he was the cutest he would ever be at 6 weeks old, but as he grew, I kept revising the cutest age continually...

I’ve been involved with children as a primary school teacher, a nutritionist and a mum of two boys. Breast feeding was difficult with my first and a breeze with my second. They were both picky eaters too. Oh yes, boys will be boys! Needless to say I have all sorts of experience when it comes to breast feeding, mastitis and fussy eaters. I’m really enjoying connecting with mums and helping to reassure you all that you’re doing a great job.

Sue, Nutritionist and Mum

My Top Tips

  1. Go with your gut – you know what is best for you and your baby.
  2. Remember that problems are often a phase that will eventually pass.
  3. Look after yourself – rest, sleep, eat well and make sure you get some “me” time.

About Me

I’ve had a variety of pregnancy experiences. My boys were both born late and were induced, and I’ve had an epidural birth and a natural birth. My boys are growing up so fast. I think that’s the best thing about being a mum - watching them grow and learn, plus getting lots of cuddles! As a nutritionist, I love being able to give up to date knowledge on healthy eating for preconception, pregnancy, breast feeding, as well as for baby.

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