Hello my name is Kellie, and I have just become a mum. I was pregnant for 15 hours. I am one f r those ladies that didn't know she was going to become a mum. I wasn't feeling very well, and went to the doctors after taking to pregnancy test (family members where worried I was) they both came back negative telling the doctor this she sent me for an ultrasound. When I went they put it on and told me there was my babies head I broke down in tears. After I got home and told my partner and family I went to my house and had tea as normal. And at about 11 I could not settle I was up and down for hours on the phone to my mum and walking around and having a shower at 3am I went in to the hospital where they told me I was 7cm dilated. I wasn't ready after all I was told I had 3weeks before bub was coming. But never the less he was coming, my partner and my mum where with me the whole 4 hours I tried to push my son out but sadly he got stuck, and I had not had any sleep or much to eat. At7:25am on the 19th of April Charlie John was born my c section. Happy and healthy. He is now nearly five months old. I feel very silly that I did not know. Is there any others that have a story like mine.

Posted 8/09/2013
by Charlie1913