Hi all, so in my first post (this is only my second lol) I was saying I'm pregnant with my 4th bub. So I had my blood test 8 feb and got the results for that yesterday (busy dr surgery grrr lol) and the dr sent me off for the same blood test as he said my levels were low :-/ my last period was jan 1 and I've had no spotting or pain what so ever since finding out I was preg. I'm bait worried as the dr mentioned the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy. My levels were 271 which falls into the 1 to 4 weeks category, if u go by the usual pregnancy due date calculators it makes me around 6 and a half weeks pregnant, so my results are definitely too low, having said that, I think I ovulate later than most women as I know when my middle child was conceived as my partner was away and she was conceived somewhere in the 6 days before my period was due.... I get my next lot of results Wednesday .... Fingers crossed my levels increase !

Posted 15/02/2013
by Jac85