Need some ideas on how to increase your milk supply? It isn’t always easy for mums trying to breast feed, even when they’re onto baby number two or three – every baby’s different. In a nutshell, to increase your milk supply, demand must increase too. Yes, it’s the old economics rule! Demand = supply!

Here are some ideas to help you up your breast milk:

• Breast feed more often: Every 2–3 hours during the day for a few days, or increase the number of feeds by offering the breast in between usual feeds
• Offer a quick ‘top up’ feed: If your baby doesn’t settle after a feed, wait 20-30 minutes and offer the breast again - those extra minutes may be all that is needed
• Let your baby decide the length of a feed: Let them finish the first breast before switching to the second (which may take up to 20 minutes or more), no matter how short or long
• Massage your breast: Stroke it towards the nipple on all sides as your baby feeds, taking care not to disturb your baby's mouth
• Offer little ‘snack’ feeds if your baby’s awake instead of other comfort strategies (e.g. dummy)
• Help your milk to let-down quickly: Relax and enjoy feed times, remove distractions (turn your phone off!) and settle with baby into a comfortable chair and space
• Make sure your baby is well attached and positioned
• Avoid caffeine (tea, coffee, cola, chocolate), nicotine and alcohol
• Try to rest, drink lots of fluids and eat a well-balanced diet
• Accept practical help at home and surround yourself with supportive people
• Avoid giving baby other fluids or food unless necessary

Possible reasons for a low milk supply:

There are a few possible reasons – if you don’t drain each breast properly, or if baby isn’t attached correctly, or in the right position. Excessive use of a dummy can also be a factor, as can postponing feed times. If you’re stressed, unwell or have your period, you might notice a decrease. So it’s also important to look after YOU!

If you have any other questions, as always...

I’m here to help...
- Deb