Yep it's the big one, your 20-week ultrasound! Not only does it mark the halfway point of your pregnancy, this scan will be checking on your baby's physical growth and development to make sure that everything’s ‘growing’ to plan. All of baby’s major organs will be checked using a magic wand (called a transducer) so you can see that they’re developing properly.

The scan can take anywhere from between 20 minutes to an hour, and a good sonographer will stop along the way to point out all the little details like the arms, the legs, the heartbeat, and - if you've chosen to find out - whether you're having a boy or a girl! If baby is behaving, you might even see fingers, toes and a little face too. But don't be alarmed if you're asked to come back - your baby is moving around a fair bit in there, so sometimes its position can prevent the sonographer from getting a good look at all of the organs and body parts.

The 20-week scan can be a very emotional time for some mums-to-be ... your baby is starting to look like a tiny little person and it can be both breathtaking and overwhelming all at once. Make sure you take your partner or someone special along with you to hold your hand, shed a tear or two with you and celebrate the excitement of really meeting your baby for the first time. You’ll also be given another little milestone photo of the scan to pop into your baby’s album or into your wallet.

Even if you’ve had ultrasounds before, just remember that every ultrasound is different. The most important thing for you to do is relax - you’ll be seeing that bub of yours before you know it!

If there’s anything else you’d like to ask about your 20-week scan, feel free to give me a call or email me. I know what you’re going through.

- Deb