Partners can often be left feeling a bit lost or unhelpful during labour, with mum being the focus of all the attention. Similarly, mums can feel like they are all alone and nobody understands what they are going through. But remember, you’re not on your own!

There are plenty of ways to get your partner involved during the birth, which are genuinely helpful to you. Your partner can be your birth advocate, making sure you are getting what you asked for. They can put everything they've learnt in antenatal classes to good use, especially a comforting and relaxing massage, back-rub or even just a cuddle. They can keep you cool and comfortable and just help keep your spirits up. Make sure you talk with your partner about the birth before you go into labour so you're both clear on their role and you feel like you are going into this together. If your partner is anxious, have them talk to the midwife about looking after you in labour, so they can have more confidence. They may be able to suggest some helpful jobs too!

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