Getting dad involved

Getting dad involved

Bringing home baby is both amazing and daunting at the same time. Whilst much of the first few weeks of a newborn's care will lie squarely on your shoulders, definitely get dad involved. It is just as important for dad to bond with bub as it is for you. Here are some simple things that dad can do to help take care of baby.

Breast feeding can be a wonderful bonding time for mums and babies, but it's important to get dad's help too. In the beginning you will be breast feeding for hours at a time, which means you will be spending a lot of time sitting down and unable to move. Get dad to become your breast feeding partner and provide you with plenty of snacks and drinks, something to read, and even download your favourite TV series.

Don’t forget dads can assist with burping bub during breast change and with settling baby after a feeding. Or leave him in charge of the nappy changes and bath routine. Remember, skin-to-skin contact is a great way for dad and baby to establish a bond, so a shirts-off cuddle will work wonders! 

Also, if you feel up to it, expressing milk after the first 6-8 weeks can be a great way for dad to become a part of the feeding bond. It can take a little time to add this into the routine, but if you’re relaxed and at ease enough to give it a go, the rewards can be great. Getting dad involved in some night feeds will help you catch up on some well-deserved sleep and allow him and bub some quality time together. 

Of course get dad to take those first photos and capture all those amazing moments during the initial weeks at home. And why not suggest he take on the reading duties as well. Your little one will love and adore his voice so it doesn't matter what he reads to baby, just as long as he is reading. Bottom line, getting dad's help can be not only beneficial to you but he gets to bond with his little one as well. 

Finally, if you’re after one-on-one advice about getting dad involved, feel free to give me a call, email or live chat.

I’m here to help mums and dads alike!
- Sue