Breast feeding can be a wonderful bonding experience with your gorgeous baby, but when you have sore, cracked nipples, it can certainly make things difficult! Here are my tips on how you decrease the risk of getting nipple damage, or if it has already happened, what you can do to make it heal quickly...

First and foremost, it’s important to make sure that your baby is attached properly to your breast - this is the number one cause of sore nipples! If you hear any clicking or sucking noises, this may mean that your baby isn’t well attached. So how can you tell if your baby is? You’ll notice his/her mouth is wide open with a big mouthful and their chin touching the breast. Their sucking pattern will change from short sucks to deep long sucks with pauses during the feed, and most importantly, it shouldn’t hurt you.

If you do have any nipple soreness, these remedies may also help:

• Dry your nipples carefully between feeds by exposing them to the air
• Leave a drop of milk to dry on your nipple after each feed
• Use a 100% wool fat ointment on your nipple (remember to wipe it off before the next feed) Nutricia Karicream Breast & Body is a light, fragrance free moisturising cream specially formulated to enhance skin elasticity during and after pregnancy.
• If one nipple is too sore, give that side a break and feed from your better side for a few days – but try to keep expressing from the sore nipple to make sure your milk supply doesn’t decrease. If you’re finding it too painful to either hand express or use a pump, it’s important that you see a health care professional.

If you’ve got any questions whatsoever, I’m here to help you, so give me a call, email or live chat with me. No matter how bad it feels now, the pain won’t last forever, I promise...

Hang in there, mums!
- Amanda