Hi everyone, I have to share as i'm so excited.. i have been going through fertility treatment for 4 years and at the begining the specialists kept telling me it was my weight stoping me from falling pregnant but i guess i didn't want to hear that as i didn't think i was that overweight and i saw ladies much bigger than myself falling pregnant. After 2 years of this constant heartache of not getting anywhere and of course over this time my weight kept getting worse and worse till i was 140kg. Being a mum is all i have ever wanted and i love my partner more than anything in the world so it was that day my life changed. I was honest with myself and knew i needed to lose weight. Over the past 18 months i have lost 50kgs and yes things improved for us. We fell pregnant in Oct 2012 but unfortunately miscarried in Dec 2012. I have lost a further 10kgs and we are now pregnant again. I have only just got my positive blood test so we have a long road ahead but i want to just explode as i'm so excited that we have been given a second change and i pray that this time our bubba will make it into our arms.. Please pray for us Everyone !!!

Posted 15/07/2013
by MegsieB