When your midwife or doctor talks about ‘engagement’, unfortunately they don’t mean the diamond ring kind. They’re talking about how much of your baby’s head is in your pelvis!

Technically your baby’s head is engaged when the widest diameter of the head passes through the brim of your pelvis. You’ll normally notice this by the feeling that your baby has dropped, like you have a bowling ball down there – and so much extra space to eat and breathe!

There are times when a baby’s head can be engaged one day and not the next, which is more common in mum’s who’ve had babies before.

Your baby’s head doesn’t necessarily need to be engaged for you to go into labour either, so don’t worry too much if your baby isn’t engaged. This is the case for the majority of first time mums, because the muscles ‘down there’ haven’t been stretched before.

Still not sure? When it comes to labour and birth, there’s a LOT to take in, which is why as a midwife I’m here to help.

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- Deb