PREGNANT WITH MY RAINBOW <3 A year and a half after my miscarriage and WE DID IT !!. I'm PREGNANT! . I still can't believe it. I bawled my eyes out. I'm around 5 weeks.

Last year on the 6th of March, the day before my birthday I miscarried my precious first baby Pip at 9 weeks pregnant. I was crushed. It had taken 3 years to get pregnant and it was taken from me... I hoped I would get pregnant straight away after my loss but it didn't happen. I got obsessed with pregnancy all over again & it wasn't happening. I watched all the women around me fall pregnant and it killed me.. So we decided to stop trying and stop stressing. Well last night I took a pregnancy test because my period was 7 days late.. well it was positive !. I tested again this morning and two lines again !. a year and half has gone by and we are pregnant again. I;m scared that something will happen to this baby but I'm going to relax and enjoy this Rainbow pregnancy for however long it lasts and at the end, hopefully I will be holding my baby in my arms. I wish all of you the best of luck on conceiving your rainbow babies. <3 ~ Em
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Posted 8/08/2015
by AriaRian