Hi Everyone,

This is my first pregancy so i need all the advice and help i can get. 4 Weeks ago i took 4 pregnancy test and they all came back positive, so i went to the doctors and he sent me for blood test and everything came back positive said i was about 2-3weeks, so he sent me for a ultrasoud but to wait 2 weeks. When i went for the ultrasound the lady said that i was very early so she thought i was about 5 weeks because the sac was very small and you couldnt really see anything. she told me to go back in 2 weeks to see how much it has grown and see a heartbeat and it will then bring me to 7 weeks. So i went for another unltrasound this morning and the sac has grown but there is nothing in it. I saw another lady today at the ultrasound and she now thinks in 5 weeks that is why they cant see anything, She did an internal as well to see if she could see more but she couldnt. She has told me to go back to the doctor and get another blood test to still confirm im pregnant. For the past week i have had brown discharge but no blood. But after my ultrasound and when she did the internal i started bleeding. No i am really worried i am not pregnant because they cant see anything. I want to know if anyone has expereniced this and everything was fine and they were still pregnant.

Posted 30/08/2013
by Ash93