Hi ladies, with a baby on the way, it’s such an exciting time - and the choices of names are endless! For some of us, what we want to name our baby is already set in stone: you might have always loved a certain name for your little one. Others prefer to keep family tradition alive and follow on with a name that’s been passed down for generations. Or perhaps you’ve got a few lovely friends or family members that can help inspire you with a name for your newborn! We’ve started compiling a list here on Karimums to help you get creative too...

Our mums’ most popular girl’s names are:

• Emily
• Amelia
• Chloe
• Isabella
• Sophie
• Charlotte
• Olivia
• Madison
• Ella
• Lily

How did you arrive at the name (or names) you chose for your baby? And which name did you choose? Remember to share your baby’s name with us.

Have fun naming your baby!
- Coral