From my personal experience, there are a bunch of reasons, and no hard or fast rules, as to why toddlers can experience problems sleeping. It could be due to a change in feeding routine, diet, bedtime routine (like daylight savings changing), too much activity before bed or an inability to talk and express any discomfort.

I found routine to be key here - stick to the same bedtime every night and allow a short wind-down time before that. I would recommend a story or bath time, or just special cuddles before bed. Make sure they're wearing comfortable night clothes and the temperature and bedding is regulated - not too hot or cold. Try to keep the rest of the house fairly quiet and the lights dimmed, and a calm environment before bed.

If you are worried about their sleep routine, give our Careline a call or see your healthcare professional for more information.

I’m here to help you sleep tight.
- Coral