From the moment you find out you’re pregnant, get ready to welcome your doctor or midwife into the family too! You’ll certainly get very well acquainted with one another. In your first pregnancy, it's typical to expect about 10 to 12 appointments with your healthcare professional for scans and check-ups. The exact scheduling of these depends on the area you live in, who you’re seeing and any extra risks associated with your pregnancy. These appointments are also the perfect chance to get dad involved, so be sure to invite him along. You’ll probably find he’s more excited than you!

Tips for your first appointment :

What to take? What to expect? At your first doctor’s or midwife’s appointment try to go prepared with yours and your partner’s medical history and lifestyle factors, such as diet, medication and alcohol intake. Your doctor will also want to calculate your due date, so try to recall the date of your last period if you can remember.

My number one tip? Ask questions! Make a list of everything you'd like to know before you go for your first appointment and tick them off. This is a great opportunity to ask things like:

• What is and isn't normal during pregnancy?
• What to expect in the next day, week, and months?
• What sorts of screenings and tests will I need?
• What are my birthing options?
• What sorts of foods and beverages are recommended (or not)?
• How much exercise and what sort is ok to do?
• How do I book into antenatal birth classes?

Asking your friends and family for recommendations on who to see in your area is a good start, and if you’ve got any other questions, remember – I’m here to help too.

I’m a midwife, after all!
- Deb