When to feel sure they are here? I am currently 8 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I found out at 5 weeks and am expected to be due on the 9th of November 2013. Due to my health I had pretty much made up my mind I was infertile before we even began and to my surprise it was first time lucky.

I have not had my first antenatal appointment yet and I guess that is what makes me so nervous...
It's in early April and I will be about 10 weeks. I have not had a scan yet or heard my baby's heart beat. I know I have symptoms ( sore boobs, tiredness, strong sense of smell, some nausea but no vomiting.) but I am excited and afraid. I was on some nasty medicine prior and hope that does not effect my baby in any way.

I have been having trouble too with when to tell people. I told my mum and some very close friends. They are all very happy for us and are a lot of positive support. I think it was the right thing to do. We are holding of telling my boyfriends parents though because we really want to be sure everything is okay and it would be really good to have a picture when we tell them. I mean I needed my Mum but it is probably wiser to wait so that I do not have to go back and share bad news. Although I am pretty sure that won't happen.

I spotted twice in week 6 (pinkish) which freaked me out. but it was so little and didn't happen again, so I think it's all okay.

I can not wait to find out the sex of my baby.

But when do you feel sure this is really happening?

Thank you :)
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Posted 30/03/2013
by Nomoko