Eeeekkk!!! Its positive!! :)
8 months of TTC and we finally did it! I am already Mum to a very excited 10 year old but Hubby is a new Daddy and we couldnt be happier! I want this time to digest what has happened, enjoy the quiet time in our little family without the 'fuss' from others... being a girl though, i want to SHOUT IT OUT and i have told my Mum and my 2 sisters whom i am very close to! We are not close to Hubby's family and I fear that the news will bring on attention and acception of ME that would never had come without the pending new family member! (I married blessed only son.. how dare i take MIL's place!) How long do i wait until we're obliged to involve them??
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Posted 26/07/2013
by teepee22