The “will I be a good mum?” worries


It’s perfectly natural for us to worry whether we’ll be up to the job of looking after a new baby. The good news is that we all go through it. As fellow mums will tell you, we never really stop worrying! Whether you’re expecting for the first time or getting ready for the arrival of a new little baby brother or sister, here are my tips for boosting your confidence (and taking care of yourself) in the world of the great unknown…


Pick up info and tips

Stocking up on info along the way can make things feel a lot less scary. Spend time with friends who already have babies and offer to hold, change nappies – they’ll be more than happy to oblige! See if there are books they’d recommend or tips to pass on. More than likely, they’ll jump at the chance to share their experiences. You could also join a local antenatal group or, looking ahead, a post-natal group. These groups are full of useful info and advice to make you feel more in control about what lies ahead – as well as other mums finding their way just like you.


Be kind to yourself

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to being a good mum.  One look at the library shelves and you’ll see that there are hundreds of different approaches. However, this is the one time when experience really is the best way to learn. A little bit of patience with yourself and trust in your intuition goes a long way. Of course, it makes good sense to take advice from the experts, other mums or healthcare professionals, but every mum and baby is different and you’ll find out what works best for you. Remember, you’ll be the expert when it comes to your own baby!


Love and hugs

One thing that everyone does agree on is that love and cuddles are up there on the list of essentials when it comes to being a good mum. Yes, you’ll need to learn new skills, how to feed, change and bath your baby, but making them feel loved and secure is just as important. So try to relax and enjoy your new little person. Sing, cuddle, talk, make funny noises. Your baby will love it – and so will you!


Don’t be shy

No one expects you to know everything – or even anything – before you start so don’t be afraid to ask. There are plenty of people you can talk to – your partner, family, friends or midwife – and us too. You’re definitely not alone! There are lots of us who will be only too happy to give tips and advice or even just reassurance and TLC, when you need it. 


Remember, we’re only ever a call or email away if you want to talk.


- Coral