Hi, I am about 6 weeks pregnant with my first :) So far symptoms I have picked up on are:
*Tiredness (ohhh so tired, especially this week)
*Occasional Queasy-ness
*Crying over nothing lol Mostly its when I get so happy or excited at something, mind you sad instances haven't made me tear up.
*A tad moody... OK more then a tad...
*The gas & constipation.. (why didn't I receive warning on this one!!!)
*Usually I am a chocoalte person, however at the moment I am really wanting cheese!!! Something I usually have not fussed with
*Sore boobs!! -Wheat pack has helped this though.
I guess I am curious as to how far along other ladies were when they started some of these & what I can expect next. I thought it might be too early for cravings and other symptoms. Also how far along were you when you noticed your breasts increase in size? Or is this more the second trimester?

Posted 5/06/2013
by Sweet_pea