In Australia, there aren’t many restrictions for naming your baby, which is very lucky for us as mums! You can usually choose any given name for your baby, but just be aware that the Births, Deaths and Marriages’ Registrar can refuse to register a prohibited name.

What’s a prohibited name? According to the Births, Deaths and Marriages Act, 1996, a prohibited name includes (but is not restricted to) a name which:

• Is obscene or offensive
• Is too long
• Contains symbols without phonetic significance, such as ? or !
• Is contrary to public interest
• Contains an official title or rank recognised in Australia, such as, King, Lady, Father, Sir or Admiral

So basically you can’t name your little one ‘king’ or a swear word, make it super dooper cool with heaps of !!! symbols, or too long so that it won’t fit on envelopes, letters and cards.

And did you know that legally, your baby doesn’t have to take on dad’s name? Traditionally in Australia that’s how it’s always been done, but the law actually states the opposite:

Under the various State name registration guidelines, a child born to unmarried parents will be registered with the mother's surname, unless both parents agree to the child being registered with the father's surname.

Have fun naming your baby!
- Amanda