hi ladies iv finding it very hard to full pregnant after a yeah of trying. Iv tried charting my ovulation every month with opk and every time iv tried using them but never seem to get 2 dark lines on the test iv tried using the maybe baby ovulation tester but that just doesn't seem to work for me and done what they tell you to do on instruction that is giving.. It feels like every-time i try it never happens its like my body just doesn't wont me to full pregnant..Iv wanted to have a baby for years now and nothing is happen.. some months i can go with out having a period and some mouths i get one and i always seem to get this brown discharge before i get my period maybe a few days to week before. some times i get that and never get a period at all.. sometimes when i get my periods i never get pains at all so i don't no they are coming.. iv noticed that i have a 2 maybe 3 hairs on my chin that always seem to come back if i get ride of them.

Me and my boy have been together for 5 years this Saturday and have never used condoms and any birth pills to stop me from getting pregnant. I haven't been to the Dr's to see if there is anything wrong with me cause i just have this feeling there will be and i mot going to be able to pay any sort of money to get a good out come.. THANKS nikki
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Posted 3/07/2013
by missnikkii2011