Moving With Kids From The Removalists' Point of View

Working for a removals company for more than a year now, I've heard some pretty unbelievable stories!

A mum once said she would rather "give birth than move again, but was very happy we assisted" with the move that is. Anyway, working from behind the scenes and having successfully organized the relocation of many families, I decided to give my tips for when you are moving with the kiddos.

First of all have realistic expectations - if you don't, no one else will. Your kids definitely won't!
- Realize it will cost money and will take time - a lot of time.
- Look around yourself - you have more items than you think you do. Organizing them in advance will help a ton.
- Spent time actually talking with your family about the inevitable change in your life - for better or for worse. Some families needed to size down, while others moved to bigger homes. Whatever the case, this will definitely change your life and habits one way or the other. Talk to your kids about the new possibilities in the new home, the new responsibilities and the new possible dangers and limitations.
- If your kids are small, you might tell them you are moving one day and during the next few days they may have already forgotten all about it. Kids have a routine and when nothing is changing then nothing is going to happen. Or at least that's how it works in their minds.
- Take them to the new place (if possible), so they can get an image of it in their heads and give them some time to hopefully like it. Take them around the neighbourhood and do something exciting so they want to go back.

When you Organize the Move
- Prepare the kids for the journey (if long distance). Get them a bag of favourite snacks and some entertainment for the car.
- Put all valuables in a bag like jewellery, birth certificates and other important documents, records, etc.
- Put their belongings on top of the removals truck, so they can get out first. According to ourMelbourne removalists sometimes when kids arrive at the new place they get cranky and impatient and demand their toys, clothes, blankets, etc. Make sure these are out first, so you can quickly meet their needs and move on to unpacking.

Hopefully that's helpful. If you have moved with your kids, please do share your story and whether you got enough help and support from the removals company you hired?

Posted 17/12/2014
by lanajanefox