Hi Everyone

This is my second pregnancy and its been a big shock/surprise. I have known now for about 3 weeks and am starting to get rather excited now the initial shock has warn off. My first born is now 3 years old and I am no longer with his father. I am almost 10 weeks along in this pregnancy and it has been nothing but sickness since I found out I was pregnant. I am constantly dizzy and vomitting. Some days I have to literally eat ALL day to stop myself from being sick and other days I can't eat almost at all. Even water makes me sick. Its crazy. I am not sure if its because its a different father this time or maybe I am having a little girl :). Last time I had a few days of sickness throughout the pregnancy but on the whole I was pretty good. I have lost 2.5kg so far but am noticing that my clothes are starting to get a little tighter. I only gained 5kg in my last pregnancy so hoping for the same this time around. Smells are the worst thing right now, everything I smell even things I usually love are making me feel so sick. Does anyone have any suggestions on ways to help this problem? I think if I was smell was a little better than maybe I wouldn't be quite as sick. I won't even start on the tiredness and exhaustion lol. Hoping that this only last another 2-3 weeks and then I should get a bit better in the second trimester. Thanks for listening :)

Posted 3/06/2013
by Taree