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Baby 7-12 Months

By seven months old, your little baby isn’t so little anymore! For starters, they’ll most likely be on big boy (or girl) food, having three small meals per day, followed by their milk feeds. If you’re still breast feeding, that means around four feeds a day, or if you’re bottle feeding, it may be time to get your baby used to a sippy cup.

Your baby’s development

Where have the past six months gone? It’s hard to believe how fast they grow, and your baby is getting stronger by the day. We bet they’re having fun bouncing up and down on your lap and laughing with you! In the first 12 months, your little one will most likely go from being able to sit without your help, to shuffling around the floor, to crawling, to standing – to saying their first real words!

Introducing baby food

How are you going with weaning your baby? Introducing solids and finger foods can be a messy adventure, but there are two important things to remember: take things slowly, and just keep trying. When it comes to baby food, try your hand at some wholesome homemade meals and you can always freeze them for later too! Make sure you browse through our favourite recipes for some inspiration for your baby!

Games to play with baby

Lots of playtime is essential for their development, and has been since birth. Little things like reading to them every day and playing endless games of peek-a-boo will work wonders to capture their attention and help them to learn ... plus, anything to catch that gorgeous smile!

Baby’s on the move!

Between seven and 12 months old, your baby is awake more than ever before and most likely, on the move. Yes, it’s officially time to childproof the house and make sure that it’s safe for your rolly-polly cuddly bundle to get around.

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