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Second Trimester

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Week by week

Mum, it’s me!

What’s that ... that brightness? Is that ... I think it’s ... light! My eyes are still closed, but mum, I can sense light from outside your tummy - wow. I’m also the size of an avocado now! How did I get to be 14cm long and 110 grams? I’ve got the most perfect set of tiny fingernails and toenails in place now. I can even turn my head and exercise all 40 sets of muscles, but you probably can’t feel anything just yet. Don’t worry, you’re doing a great job of fattening me up. My fat layers just keep appearing. By the time I’m born, they’ll make up almost ¾ of my total body weight. No wonder I’ll be a little cuddly bundle! I’m getting ready for a growth spurt soon too. Yep mum, I’m going to double in size.

How are you?

Most mums start to feel baby movement at about 18-22 weeks. When it does eventually happen, it feels a little bit like ‘butterflies’ or gassy bubbles inside your tummy. It’s a strange and completely amazing sensation all at once!

Your pelvic floor also needs some extra attention during pregnancy. A good trick to get you into the habit every day is while stopped at the red traffic lights: try holding it until the lights go green again. That’ll test your strength!

By 16 weeks you may be gaining weight and starting to look pregnant. As for pregnancy cravings, you might have your own that you’re dealing with right now – as long as you remember to ‘treat’ them exactly as they are: treats! And if you’re craving strange things like dirt or sand, let your doctor or midwife know.

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