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Second Trimester

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Week by week

Mum, it’s me!

Woo hoo, I’m loving life at the moment mum! I’m moving around, sucking my thumb when I want to, and my only focus in here is putting on lots of weight. I didn’t feel like being curled up anymore, so I’ve stretched myself right out now, ahh ... this is the life. When you see the midwife she may measure your tummy to see how big I am and boy have I grown – I’m about 22cm long! That vernix stuff is still secreting from my skin and waterproofing me from your womb. It feels a little bit strange so if you feel me kicking or punching you, please just give your belly a little rub, or talk to me, or play me some music. Yes mum, I can hear you! I can even smell. Did you just say something? Keep chatting to me ... oh and I love your singing, no matter what dad says!

How are you?

You might be wondering how much weight gain is right for you while you’re pregnant. It all depends on your height, weight and body frame, so your Body Mass Index (BMI) is a helpful guide. It’s great to aim for a steady, gradual pregnancy weight gain, but everyone has a different pattern, so as we say - always ‘eat to appetite’, or just enough so that you feel satisfied. It’s easy to use pregnancy as your excuse for eating a little bit more, but at the end of the day, chips and chocolates won’t help your baby grow! Instead, concentrate on healthy snacks, like dipping fruit into yoghurt, or keeping a packet of dried fruits on standby at all times.

Keeping fit with some light exercise is still important too, so keep up the walks and stay active. Remember to always check with your healthcare professional first to understand what exercise is right for you. And if you’re having your second trimester scan this week, don’t forget to share your scan photos with us!

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