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Second Trimester

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Week by week

Mum, it’s me!

A sweet potato, mum! That’s how big I am this week, around 26cm long and 400 grams. The links between my brain, nervous system and muscles are all communicating now, so you could say, I’m getting smarter and stronger by the day. My sucking, swallowing and blinking reflexes are all in working order too. Actually mum, there are so many changes going on every day, it’s getting hard to keep up! The good news is my hearing’s getting better every week, so make sure you keep singing and playing me your favourite tunes. Get dad to keep talking to me too, I love hearing his voice...

How are you?

Are you sleeping ok? Dreams can often be vivid now, and sometimes, a little disturbing. Your subconscious is probably trying to deal with any fears, anxiety or excitement you have about pregnancy and impending motherhood. It might also be because your sleep is being disturbed due to heartburn, hormones, aches and pains.

You might also find that your mood swings are back with a vengeance this week (much to your partner’s delight). Knowing your life is about to change can affect you, especially if there are stresses at work or at home. There’s nothing unusual about feeling down, overwhelmed or having different or scary thoughts when you’re expecting. The important thing is not to keep them to yourself and to talk to your partner about them. You’ll probably find that he’s just as nervous, or having weird dreams too!

You might’ve started to think about all the things you’ve got to buy before your little one arrives too ... for a helping hand, take a look at our list of things you need when baby comes along.

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