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Third Trimester

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Week by week

Mum, it’s me!

Oh mum, am I in the birth position yet mum? I hope so! It’s going to be so much fun getting out of here, isn’t it? I can’t wait. Although I’ve heard you talking about “breathing” and “relaxation techniques” recently ... I wonder why. If you’re worried or stressed mum, don’t be. As soon as we see each other, it’s going to be the most amazing moment of our lives – just you wait. I am getting so big it’s ridiculous though. I’m around 3kgs and 50cms now. That’s bigger than a sack of potatoes! My fingernails are still growing over my fingertips too. Oh and if I’m a boy, this’ll make dad proud: my testes might already be in my scrotum (or if I have undescended testes, maybe not!).

How are you?

If it’s your first birth it’s natural to feel a little anxious, but nothing will give you more confidence than being prepared. Go through your birth plan with your partner and make sure they know what to expect. It’s natural for baby’s dad to be feeling nervous with birth just around the corner - he’s probably more nervous than you! If he’d like some information on how to support you during labour, fatherly advice from our Careline may help. He can call us, send an email or live chat with us for more information. We’ll get him ready to be your rock!

As your stomach gets heavier, you’ll really feel the pressure on your bladder ... hopefully you’ve been doing your pelvic floor exercises. If not, it’s never too late to start! A strong pelvic floor can help to control bladder problems during and after pregnancy, as well as help with the all-important pushing stage of labour. It’s important to keep the exercises up after birth too, to help the muscles return to normal.

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