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Over the last 12 months, you’ve laughed, you’ve cried, you’ve cuddled and you’ve watched your little one blossom into a fantastic tiny person ... and now, it’s time for the birthday parties to start. As of your baby’s first birthday, it’s officially time to start calling them “my toddler”. In fact, if you’re stuck for first birthday party ideas, you can read up on other mums' ideas!

Your toddler’s development

Becoming a toddler sees many major developments in your child’s body and mind. While they seem like a mini adult on the outside, they still have lots of basic skills to master. You can help their hand-eye co-ordination by giving them finger food to hold and eat by themselves – but always stay with them while they eat, in case they bite off too much.

Toddler games

As they grow, they’ll become increasingly active too, meaning it’s playtime every day. Sit and roll a ball back and forth with them, or start to draw pictures together. The more your toddler plays with others, the more they’ll learn how to interact, communicate and share their toys too.

Toilet training and tantrums

Now’s the time for food fights, toilet training, tantrums – you name it. Toddlers often have no control over their emotions during a tantrum, and sometimes there’s just nothing you can do to calm them down. The best thing you can do is stay calm yourself, let it run its course, and be ready to cuddle them once it’s over.

Toddler recipes and fussy eaters

And did you know that approximately half of all toddlers have fussy food habits? It’ll seem like your toddler’s tastes are changing every day, but it’s important to hang in there and persevere to give them a balanced, nutritious diet. Have a look through our toddler recipes for some tasty new inspiration, even for the fussiest of eaters!

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